12810 Figaro

The Architecture of Memorial Bend

William Norman Floyd
Year Built:1958
Original Owner:Frank Diross, Jr.
Notable Past Residents:N/A
Publication:Houston Chronicle, April 13, 1958 advertisement
Comments:The full grown trees in front of the port cochere appear to be those that appeared in the house's original 1958 ad. The house at 12902 Traviata appears to be very similar in design although it lacks a port cochere.
Architectural Comments:The front of the house is similar to Floyd's other designs in that it stresses privacy. The facade includes exposed beams, a long strip of clerestory windows and a cantilevered roof. The wide port cochere leads to a recessed entry flanked by original jealousie windows.

Inside the entry, one will find original terrazzo flooring with some of the largest marble chunks we've seen. Bathrooms still retain the black terrazzo that Floyd sometimes installed in his houses. The entire rear of the house provides a great deal of light to the interior via walls of floor-to-ceiling windows. The house once utilized a sliding shoji screen to separate the living and dining areas; however, in the early 80s, the screen was moved to the rear of the house to serve as a sliding window covering. A series of front windows (four windows arranged in a checkerboard pattern) was added to replace a poorly-placed bay window installed by previous owners. These new windows are similar to typical aluminum windows found on post-war houses. Again, another fine example of a 1950s flat roof modern home.

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