12807 Tosca

The Architecture of Memorial Bend

Year Built:1957
Original Owner:Bernice Wesley
Notable Past Residents:N/A
Publication:Houston Chronicle, March 17, 1957 Advertisement
Houston Chronicle, June 6, 1957 Advertisement
Comments:Other examples of this house are located in the earlier sections of the Bend, some of which such as 12814 Butterfly still retain the original carport.
Architectural Comments:The front of this modern house has been modified over the years. The original carport was closed in to make a garage. It is possible that the interior of the carport included a brick planter with an opening in the roof for sunlight and the rain. If this was the case, the entrance may have been located on the side of the carport and not on the front as it is today. Early advertisements are not conclusive since what appears to be an entry may have been windows designed to match the clerestory windows. A long wing wall hides a patio from the street. This ~1,700 square foot home was originally billed as coming with a 3 ton air conditioner!

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