12915 Memorial

The Architecture of Memorial Bend

Year Built:1957
Original Owner:Janet Fox
Notable Past Residents:N/A
Comments:This is a unique Memorial Bend design that, in may ways, is quite different than other houses in the Bend.
Architectural Comments: This house features a pronounced eave composed of three raked bands of redwood. Further enhancing the horizontal look of the house are continuous recessed ribbon windows just below a soffit that splays back from the eave - divided by beams projecting to the eave. These ribbon windows continue even over the original garage door. From certain vantages, these windows give the roof an appearance of floating above the house. Beneath the ribbon windows are massive brick walls projecting forward to enclose storage spaces inside. These brick walls also function as a base for plants - a common feature of prairie style architecture. The pronounced eave terminates in the rear and does not wrap completely around the house.

The king size brick adds additional horizontal emphasis. The house retains its original redwood siding, light fixtures, the original oven and oak flooring. The current owners removed the carpeting and refinished the wood flooring. Back to back fire places with separate flues use the same exterior brick and form a massive wing wall dividing two living areas. Built in shelving and a separate masonry pass through provide wood storage. The living rooms have low pitched ceilings matching the roof line and terminating at clerestory windows.

The kitchen cabinets retain the same original sliding doors frequently used in many of the neighborhoods houses. Additional rooms have been discretely added along the north wall and were constructed in a manner keeping with the original design of the house.

In 1965, one of the original residents painted and signed a a mural on the dining room wall. The current residents have taken care to maintain this mural.

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