12931 Traviata

The Architecture of Memorial Bend

William F. Wortham
Year Built:1959
Original Owner:Bob and Margaret Parker
Notable Past Residents:N/A
Early Photos:Early 1960s Exterior
Comments:This home was designed by William Wortham based on the Parker's requirements. The lot was purchased in 1956 but the home was not completed until 1959 - the last one on the block. Wortham also designed Westbury Square on West Belfort, the Post Oak Lanes and several houses and office buildings in the Houston area.
Architectural Comments:Due to the involvement of the original owners in the design of the house, this home is unique to the neighborhood. The most noticeable feature of the exterior is the series of wing walls with clerestory windows. The walls were wired to provide recessed lighting that can be seen both inside and outside. An interior look at the walls allows one to see the care taken where the wing walls meet the beams at the clerestory windows. The wing walls are traversed by a valance that blends into the design of the interior. A brick wall divided by posts provides midspan support for the beams and separates the living room from the family room. Original fixtures are found throughout the house including the the entry and the living room. An original fiberglass sconce is found in the hallway as is a George-Nelson inspired bubble lamp in the dining room. The wood paneling in the common areas and the kitchen is of Phillippine mahogany.

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