12934 Butterfly

Year Built:1955
Original Owner:Unknown
Notable Past Residents:Unknown
Comments:This photo was when the house was on the market and prior to being purchased by Northstone Builders who demolished it and replaced it with a generic McMansion.  The original house was one of the smaller houses on the west side of the Beltway and had a more conventional design with modern sensibilities.  The entrance of the house was on the side and connected to a detached garage.  Behind the double doors of the entrance was a privacy wall that hid the main living room.  It was well laid out and, when we saw it, in good shape.  Unfortunately, Northstone came in and tore down not only this house but the houses on each side and replaced them with very similar generic designs.  As you can imagine, most of the trees on the lot were cleared.
Architectural Comments: 

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