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The Architecture of Memorial Bend

Year Built:1973
Original Owner:L.D. Greenwood
Notable Past Residents:L.D. Greenwood, a Houston area builder. Greenwood was apparently somehow involved in the first project to air condition a building in Houston.
Comments:This is one of the new houses in the neighborhood, having been built by the owner in 1973.
Architectural Comments:Despite the relative "youth" of the house (30 years), the design was carefully chosen to blend in with other houses in the neighborhood. This flat roofed house is built around a center courtyard that is surrounded by a series of floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors. The front is designed with privacy in mind with two wing walls... one in front of the garage and the other protecting bedroom windows on the left of the house. For some reason, the owner had false shutters added to the right of the house's entry.

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